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About Us

The content of this page clarifies the rights of customers to access and use the 3KINGCLUB website services. Please read this agreement carefully and completely before accepting our service. Please note that this agreement forms a legally binding agreement between you and 3KINGCLUB.
In addition to the rules and terms of this agreement, please also check our privacy protection rules, other relevant gaming and website regularly updated promotional rule terms, or other policy terms we regularly inform you, etc.
When you click "Submit" during registering your account and uses the software specified below, you agree to the terms and conditions set out in this agreement, the privacy protection rules, and other relevant promotional rules and regulations regularly updated by the website, etc. And agreed that if you violate this agreement, you will have the following consequences (cancellation of membership, frozen account, forfeiture of funds, or other related legal proceedings). Details are listed below;
The 3KINGCLUB website is owned by 3KINGCLUB Co., Ltd. All products and services provided by the website are authorized and regulated by the Philippine Government Gaming Member (PAGCO), and their rights to access and use must comply with the following terms;

correctness, completeness, and update of the information provided (for example, the results provided on the website). The company is not responsible for the accuracy of real-time results, statistical data and midfield results in betting
Please also note: our website software is not suitable for the following groups:
Under 18 years of age.
Considered below their legal age in their local jurisdiction.
Local jurisdictions making it illegal to visit our site.
3KINGCLUB cannot identify whether the client's behavior is legal in their local jurisdiction, and the client is responsible for identifying it by himself.
3KINGCLUB is not responsible for the to prevent people below the legal age from using our services, 3KINGCLUB reserves the rights to require customers to provide proof of age at any time. If you do not meet our age standards or we suspect that you are below our age standards, we have the right to suspend / cancel your account for a long / short period to prevent your participation in our services Any losses, fees or related commission fees caused by any illegal use shall be borne by the violator. If you know that anyone illegally uses our software to obtain commissions, please report it to our company in time, and please assist us in the investigation of the relevant information provided by you.
The 3KINGCLUB website’s logo “” and other trademarks, service marks and/or business names are owned by 3kingclub Entertainment City or its members and/or its licensees, so the trademark is owned by the 3kingclub organization. In addition, other content on the 3KINGCLUB website, including software, images, pictures, graphics, photos, animations, videos, music, audiovisual texts, etc. belong to 3kingclub Entertainment City or its members and/or licensees, these objects. The information belongs to the company's copyright and other intellectual property rights, and must not be infringed by legal protection. You must agree that you can use our website and services, and do not represent that you have the right to any part of it. In any case, you must not use or infringe without the written permission of 3KINGCLUB or the approval of intellectual property protection laws Content on our website amendments and modifications
You agree that your participation in our services is purely voluntary and at your own risk;
You are not a person addicted to gambling;
You are at least 18 years old and your actions are legal under your local law;
You agree that certain personal information (including specific information about payment methods) must be provided to us when using our services. We will manage and control the information you provide in accordance with our privacy policy.
You are responsible for any taxes arising from your gaming profits.
Your use of our website is for your personal use only. You can only bet for personal entertainment.
You agree that you can bear the risk of loss caused by using this service, 3KINGCLUB does not bear any risk for any loss;
Your deposit is not from an illegal or criminal activity;
You must not engage in illegal activities by using your 3KINGCLUB account, or allow others to use your account for any activities that violate your local and our laws; You undertake to keep your account and password in a safe place and do not allow others to use it. If you lose or forget your account or password, you must contact our customer service department in the earliest time and we will send you a new security information;
You are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of your account and login information, and any online gambling used with your username and password will be considered valid;
Our company has the right to restrict customers to retain some of them.
If your betting information is correct, you are the only person responsible for this bet. Once the company confirms your bet slip, the bet cannot be cancelled, withdrawn or changed, and the bet slip will be regarded as valid evidence of your bet.
All betting slips showing confirmation information in the transaction records of 3KINGCLUB client accounts will be considered as valid betting slips.
With the exception of roll ball betting, all bet slip placed after the start of the match 3KINGCLUB reserves the right to cancel bets.
All bets on which the result of the match is known at the time of betting are considered void. 3KINGCLUB reserves the right to cancel such bets.
The event information (match start time, red card, score or other relevant information) displayed on the website is for reference only.
Event results are confirmed after the event, unless otherwise stated in the relevant sport or event rules. 72 hours after the results are announced, 3KINGCLUB will not recognize any disputes over the results. Within 72 hours of the announcement of results, 3KINGCLUB only corrects human errors or wrong results. The winning or losing of the match will be confirmed after the match according to the relevant rules.
3KINGCLUB does not endorse discontinued or contested matches.
If there are invalid options in the clearance items, this bet will be adjusted according to the remaining valid options.
The customer knows and accepts that all the odds and markets are constantly changing and are only be fixed at the moment of betting.
In the event of odds or handicap errors due to human error or system failure of all betting slips, 3KINGCLUB in this case will reserves the rights to cancel. The relevant clearance options are also considered invalid options.
In the event of any technical failure of the system, if normal transactions cannot be resumed at that time, 3kingclub Entertainment City reserves the right to manually confirm the bet slip of roll ball danger ball. At that time, the account balance will be adjusted to reflect the member's current bet.
Bets placed on the same event multiple times at the same time will not be recognized. 3KINGCLUB has the final decision on any relevant bets and transactions. Settlement of transactions for customers using credit or debit cards, the name of the bank card must be the same as the name when the customer registered. 3KINGCLUB reserves the right to settle transactions if the name of the bank card is inconsistent with the name when the customer registered.
If the client is in debt to 3KINGCLUB or any of its members, the client must bear the responsibility to repay the debt. In terms of payment, 3KINGCLUB reserves the right to immediately freeze and / or close the customer ’s account and confiscate it if the customer is suspected of fraud, including the use of a stolen credit card, or other fraud (such as recovering or subverting payment or money laundering). Account balance and publish its information (identify its identity) to any online entertainment website, bank, credit card company, and related institutions and individuals who have access to this information.
If the funds transferred into the client's account are incorrect, the client is responsible for notifying the company immediately. In any case, the winnings that are not known by the company will be deemed invalid and must be returned to 3KINGCLUB.
Withdrawal from the account when a customer receives an opportunity to win a bonus from 3KINGCLUB, any bonus must comply with this agreement and the relevant additional terms we provide in order to enjoy this bonus.
Before withdrawing the bonus amount from the account, the customer must abide by the relevant provisions and restrictions, otherwise it will not be processed. The customer's withdrawal currency must be the same as the deposit currency.
3KINGCLUB reserves the right to withdraw or modify bonuses or promotions and/or related specific terms and rules at any time, and is not responsible for explaining to customers or third parties. When a customer receives an opportunity to win a bonus from 3KINGCLUB, any bonus must meet this agreement and the related additional terms we provide before allowing to enjoy this bonus.
Some legal rules do not explicitly state whether online and offline gambling is legal, and some legal rules have clearly stipulated. The company does not encourage you to participate in our services if gambling is illegal in accordance with the customer's local laws. The company does not encourage its nationals to join in any country where gaming is considered illegal. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that your gaming behavior is legal at your location at all times.
3kingclub Entertainment City will not be responsible for any loss caused by poor or delayed satellite reception, network interruption, personal errors, negligence, or misunderstanding of the content of the website.
You agree that all exemption clauses are established under fair and equitable conditions, with reasonable distribution of risks and benefits. It reflects both the care of 3KINGCLUB and the understanding and support of customers. You further agree with the legality and enforceability of this clause.
If there is any discrepancy between the results of the client's computer accessories and the results of our server, the results displayed by our server will be the final results. In addition, the customer also agrees that 3KINGCLUB has the final interpretation of the game rules for the customer to participate in our service. 3KINGCLUB does not provide any express or implied guarantees for the services we provide, nor does it provide any guarantees and explanations for the quality, applicability, completeness or accuracy of its services.

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