Terms and Conditions

1. All customer player participating in this special promotion must abide by the rules, terms, and condition of 3kingClub.
2. One 3kingClub point is equal to 1000 VND (Vietnamese Dong).
3. Each player, account, address, email address, phone number, bank account, and IP address can only apply for the promotion offer once.
4. This promotion offer is provided to all real customers to enhance online entertainment. In case of any dispute arising from identity theft registration, the client must provide 3kingClub with sufficient and valid proof to confirm whether the client is eligible for the promotion offer.
5. 3kingClub reserves the right to modify, terminate, cancel or reclaim the special promotion at any time without notice.
6. To avoid ambiguity in understanding of the terms and condition, 3kingClub reserves the right of final interpretation of this promotional event.
7. If it is found that the customer player violates the rules and terms of the promotion, 3kingClub reserves the right to cancel or not pay prizes and bonuses and close the account. In addition, 3kingClub reserves the right to charge members a management fee based on the payment bonus or the value resulting from cheating.
8. Customer player who violates the following circumstances can be deemed to violate the rules and terms of 3kingClub's preferential activities:
9. A single bet amount that exceeds 50% of the member's initial balance (relevant deposits, plus bonuses).
10. On the same game, betting the same amount on both sides to avail for the special promotion discount.
10. Use multiple accounts and fraudulent accounts to avail for the special promotion discounts.
11. Use VPN to hide IP address, or login multiple IP addresses at the same time.
12. Use fraudulent methods to avail of the special promotion discount & benefits.

13 .Other cheating, fraudulent betting, and arbitrage.